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March 24, 2017
TransGov Community Engagement at GTUC
  •  GTUC Campus
  •  Greater Accra
  •  Ayawaso West Sub Metro

About Event

The TransGov Communities Team has been working to intentionally expand the number and diversity of voices that are heard by local government authorities on the implementation of development projects across communities in the Accra Metropolis. 

The TransGov project has been informed by significant community input and involvement from its inception. Over the past twelve months, we've undertaken a series of activities throughout the metropolis to meet community members and hear their thoughts on how projects are being implemented in their various communities.

This is in line with our overarching aim of empowering citizens through digital technology to effectively participate in the local government decision-making processes and promote first-rate public service delivery.

As one of our community engagement efforts, working alongside community partners, the outreach team brought engagement to Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) campus. We made participation easy and fun and organized and facilitated meaningful and fun small group activities.

All our community engagement outreaches are complemented by a robust online engagement, including our website, SMS, and IVR. Engagement with city stakeholders has helped to improve coordination and lay the groundwork for buy-in and implementation of our project.

The purpose of engagement was to intentionally solicit input from the broad range of citizens living around Tesano, and Alajo environs, in particular women, who have been historically underrepresented in such activities. To accomplish this goal of equitable engagement, the team made sure we actively encouraged the women in the meeting to have their voices heard. We also distributed outreach materials in a targeted and strategic manner.

The outreach materials were welcoming, user-friendly, jargon-free product materials. These materials are visually attractive and written with easy-to-understand language. These materials were oriented to residents who may not be familiar with planning processes and projects. T-shirts, bright stickers, post-it notes, pens, and markers were provided for people to share comments.

Participants shared and contributed their ideas and insights into the TransGov technology and offered advice to their local authorities on the implementation of some select projects which we've detailed and submitted to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.

Key Themes from Engagement

  • People want to take part in Local Assembly meetings but do not currently have any way of knowing when meetings are taking place. They requested for a new way of getting notified when local assembly meetings are due to take place so they can participate.
  • Participants said they want to be consulted before projects are implemented in their communities. They shared that, so far, projects are implemented with a top-down approach and they don't feel connected to their local assembly decision making processes.
  • Participants also shared that when issues such as potholes and burst pipes are reported to the local assembly, it takes too long for them to get resolved. They would like the local sub metros to be more responsive to such issues.
  • Many participants want more opportunities for meaningful engagement with the local assembly authorities and expressed strong interest in becoming meaningfully involved in planning and implementation decisions.

The participants were also impressed with the TransGov technology and gave us feedback which we'll implement to make our technology more responsive to their needs. Overall, it was a successful community engagement event.