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Nov. 21, 2016
TransGov Community Engagement at Ashaiman
  •  Ashaiman
  •  Greater Accra
  •  Ablekuma Central Sub Metro

About Event

As a proactive organization, TransGov is keen to collaborate with communities affiliated by geographic proximity, special interest and similar situations to address issues affecting their well-being, especially concerning the implementation of development projects and local assembly planning and decision-making processes.

As a result, we are always on the road to engage with citizens in their communities to build their capacity to use TransGov's technologies and also to gain more insight into their opinions and thoughts on how we can improve their communication with the local assembly. Another of our objectives is to facilitate the sending of their feedback to their local authorities to make their voices heard.

As part of activities to achieve this objective, we held a citizens forum in the Ashaiman Community to enable citizens to participate in the governance process through voicing out their opinions, enquiring how resources are managed and understand governance processes.

About 40 people, which included Assembly Members, community leaders, church leaders, interest groups and representatives of the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly, participated in the forum.

The citizens thus took turns to express their concerns and ask their questions, while their representatives at the Municipal Assembly addressed them and explained the issues of governance processes to them.

We interacted with the people and noted down their questions and their concerns, which will be forwarded to the Municipal Assembly for remedy and action. 

See below for pictures from the event.